Resistance & propulsion

Hydrodynamic studies, such as resistance calculations, are executed based on hull shape, weight information and area of operation. Minimal resistance is reached by optimalization of the hull.

The propulsion unit is tuned to the user requirements and sailing area in such a way to achieve high fuel efficiency. In recent years, various studies have been performed to examine the energy efficiency of various types of vessels. Also, we have been involved in several projects where alternative means of propulsion are applied.

In special cases, such as where revolutionary hulls or exeptional user requirements are involved, model tests can be performed. The team at Gaastmeer combines extensive practical experience with thorough theoretical knowledge of hydrodynamics. 

Fast aluminium motorboat for the fire brigade.
Visual presentation of the result of hull resistance calculations. Water pressure distribution over hull.
Detail propeller.
Detail propeller.
Coastal Challenger launching


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